Changing (written 2 months ago)

I get to meet new people, I get to work in different projects with different companies, different styles and themes, I never get bored and I never know what I am going to do next, it is very exciting and I think that’s why I am still in love with my job, even after all the difficulties (auditions, selections, unstable salary, rejections) .
(Contradicting )
But still, time to time I caught myself thinking I need to get a real job, something that I can get a stable salary without worrying about how much I will make next month, my husband supports me (lucky me), but I need to be the one who can support myself too. Sometimes I feel this is wrong, it feels like I don’t want to grow up, because I have fun and get pay for it and that doesn’t sound right for some reason.
Acting/modeling is a great job, but you have to fight everyday for your spot (your salary), it is cool and at the same time overwhelming. I know, it is hard to understand.
So I start thinking what can I do to change that?  I need to find a new career, but I don’t like regular jobs with regular hours, it is so boring. Anyway I still have to find a way to pass though this, and I have to find my answer somewhere, so I decide to go to FEW empowering women’s seminar, and I have to admit, I was surprised by what I saw, there were so many confident and successful women which didn’t choose one or another career, some work in 3 different fields, and I thought with myself if they can do it, why can’t I ?
I can’t describe how happy I was to see all this wonderful women, mom, wife, being successful in their career.
I have the opportunity to study now, and learn how to start my own business, doing what? I have so many ideas, but for now I will keep to myself and work in getting experience.
And NO, that’s doesn’t mean I will stop modeling, but I will look for different experiences, and I won’t give priority to my modeling jobs anymore.


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